Compiling Barotrauma Builds

So you want to compile Barotrauma builds, eh? Well I'll tell you how.

IMPORTANT - March 2019 Changes

The game assets for Barotrauma are no longer included in the GitHub repository. You will need a full, legal copy of Barotrauma purchased from Steam in order to work on and compile the code.

Installing Visual Studio

If you already have Visual Studio and the proper workloads installed, move on to the next step.

First things first, installing Visual Studio 2017. Installation of this is fairly easy however I'm going to help you with the installation, so please consult this guide.

  1. Head over to We're going to be installing Visual Studio Community because it's free. Click on the "Free download" button for Visual Studio Community 2017.

  2. The Visual Studio installer will download. This is the installer, not the program itself. It will install it once we get into choosing what we need. You need to have at least 20 GB of disk space to install Visual Studio.

  3. Once you get to this screen, you will choose all three of the Windows section (UWP, .Net, Desktop C++), verify that they are selected and click Install. This will take a while depending on your internet and download a lot, so have some patience.

4. Once the installer is finished, if Visual Studio launches, close it. We don't need it right now.

Installing Dependencies

Now, we'll be installing the required dependencies to compile Barotrauma correctly. I'll make it as simple as possible.

These installations should be straightforward. You can then start up Visual Studio.

Getting and Compiling Branches

For this tutorial, we will be getting the developer branch of Barotrauma, however you can use any branch. There are 3 branches; master, dev, and legacy.

  1. On the right, click on "Clone or download", and click on Download ZIP. Save it anywhere and extract but keep the "Barotrauma-dev" folder.

  2. Open the "Barotrauma-dev" folder Click on "Barotrauma_Solution.sln". Visual Studio should automatically launch. It'll look something like this.

4. Don't worry, we're not doing any coding, we're here just to build. Look at the top for these 3 options. Select "ReleaseWindows" for the first.

5. Next, go to the "Build" menu option at the top and select Configuration Manager. Make sure that all the checkboxes in the "Build" column are checked. If not, check them all and save the changes. Now, in the same build menu click Build Solution.

6. Provided everything is installed correctly, everything should build perfectly fine. Now to test.

7. In the Barotrauma-dev folder, open Barotrauma, then bin, then ReleaseWindows, then finally Barotrauma.exe. Everything should launch normally (and not crash).

Congratulations! You've successfully compiled Barotrauma!