Service Disruption - Hosting

Hey everyone, just a quick announcement detailing something that's going to happen soon.

Over the next few days until 9/1/2019, the hosting account for the domain will be transferred. When this happens the main site, ProxyNet, and some other stuff will be unavailable. Rest assured a full backup has been made and (hopefully!) with help from my hosting provider downtime will be as minimal as possible.

Why the Switch?

Well, my current hosting account is cluttered with stuff I don't need, and also since cPanel (the hosting control panel that my host is currently using) has changed to a per-user licensing solution. Right now I am taking up 2 account slots since this account is being hosted on a reseller. My host has contacted me and said that they would be terminating all accounts that do not have active content, resellers included. Also the primary domain for this account is no longer accurate, so a switch in the domain was inevitable eventually.

Anyways, enough chit chat and hoping for the best! Have a cat.