Transparency Report - Barotrauma Archives

Update 12/11/2018: The Barotrauma Archives will no longer be available on 1/31/2019.


I can't say it wasn't expected, but today I have received a request from Regalis (Undertow Games) to stop sharing the developer versions of Barotrauma. All conversations I have had with Regalis will be openly transparent and available here. Please do not go out of your way to witchhunt the developers. They are in their full legal right to order me to stop sharing the developer versions of the game, and I respect their right to. At no point copyright infringement was intended.

If you are still interested in playing the developer version of the game, see "Compiling Barotrauma Builds" to make your own developer build of Barotrauma. Thanks for everything. You're free to contact me on Discord if you have any questions: Database#7522.